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Hello Tech Pros

Hello Tech Pros is a daily podcast that focuses on the career development and entrepreneurship aspects of software development. The format of the show is generally interview / conversation style with a featured guest, though some episodes are monologues from the host. Each day of the week has a recurring topic.


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Motivation Monday

The featured guest shares a time when they lost their motivation and what fired them up again. The discussions include mindset techniques, goal setting and how to motivate those around us.

Productivity Tuesday

The guest shares a time when their productivity was at an all time low and how they’ve bounced back to meet their goals. The discussions include processes, tools and life hacks.

Leadership Wednesday

The guest shares their “worst boss ever” story and what that experience taught them about leadership. The discussions include vision setting, communication, buy-in and servant-leadership.

Technology Thursday

The discussions include the past, present and future of the guest’s favorite technology.

People Friday

The guest helps prove it’s now what you know, it’s who you know. The discussions include social networks, relationship building and social styles in communication.

Entrepreneurship Saturday

The guest shares their startup story, passion projects and side hustles. The discussions include origin stories, growth tactics and biggest challenges.

Being Unplugged Sunday

The guest shares their WHY. The discussions include family, friends, hobbies, health and work / life balance.


Hosted by Chad Bostick


Chad Bostick has built and led teams of software developers for web projects, mobile applications, ERP implementations, content management systems, mapping applications, enterprise system integrations and video games.

Chad is the host of Hello Tech Pros, a daily conversation with professionals who work with technology on the topics of Motivation, Productivity, Leadership, Technology, People, Entrepreneurship and Being Unplugged.

Chad’s mission through Hello Tech Pros is to provide a platform for professionals to build their personal brand, a marketing channel to promote their business and an engaged audience with which to connect.